.325" X .058" (Laser #12)

Fast, extremely aggressive, smooth cutting .325” pitch chisel/semi-chisel chain that features a new and improved cutter, stronger and faster than previous designs. Ramped and slightly offset depth gauge now delivers less vibration and permits smooth, fast cutting action. Chain is pre-stretched, eliminating most bar adjustments usually until the first filing. Recommended for saws in the 40 cc - 60 cc class. Available in 25FT, 100FT and pre-made loops. Uses 3/16" file. Cross Reference: Carlton K2C; Husky H38; Oregon 21 and 34; Windsor 58J; ProKut 2C; and Laser 12, 12C (chisel) and 58J.

Item #: 12XDL
Item #: 12SXDL
Item #: 12CXDL
Item #: 12X66
Item #: 12SX66
Item #: 12X72

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