Laser Ripping

Laser ripping chain is a "semi-chisel" chain specifically ground for use on portable chain saw mills. It is ideal for cutting rough construction lumber and semi-finished lumber from any log. It leaves a surface smooth enough for most outdoor construction with no further finish required. The surface is excellent for any application where a rustic look of hand-milled lumber is desired. It’s a Splitting Chain - it cuts up wood chunks that axes, splitters and standard cross cut chains just can’t touch...and it does it quickly. Specialty ripping is an ideal second chain for the casual or semi-pro chain saw user.

How it Works: Chainsaws are designed to cut across the grain, ‘cross cut’. The use of standard ‘cross cut’ chain in ripping/milling work is very rough, slow and inefficient. On the other hand, a ripping chain is designed to cut with the grain, requiring much less power and significantly faster and smoother than standard ‘cross cut’ chain.

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